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This redesign of Larxene, from Kingdom Hearts 2, was meant to go along with a fanfic that two of my friends and I were writing together. It was a multi-multi-verse crossover stemming from Serena's two epics, "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Shadow of Fate".

My picture "In That World Again" and my two page mini-comic, also titled "Behind Blue Eyes" (keep in mind this was done three years ago, before a reason was given for Riku's blindfold. I like my theory better. Stupid weak Disney excuses...) are based directly on the events of that fanfic, while my Sora/Kairi piece, "What Lies Beyond the Story" is something I consider in the same universe.

Karen's portion of the fic stems from a piece she wrote many years ago called "Shadows", which mostly follows Reno, Red XIII, and Yuffie.

In my portion of the story, which has no previous work attached, I was mostly following Sora, Kairi, Roxas, Namine, and Axel... but it was also my task to come up with new character designs for most of the major players in the UberFic (our working title that never developed further). I've only done two so far - Yazoo and Larxene, the two major antagonists.
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