I am available for single commissions and more involved projects, up to and including multi-page sequential and/or illustrative art. If you are looking for a particular piece of artwork for your website or simply to admire, I am available. I specialize in characters or figures, be they from role play games, original stories, or fanfiction. Just about anything that you can imagine, I can create.

My prices are based on many factors, including size, number of characters in a piece, and choice of color or black and white. For a general guideline, a simple, single character drawing at about 8x10 inches would be $45. The same piece, computer colored and shipped as an 8x10 print would be $85. For two characters, the prices would be closer to $65 and $105. Adding a background increases the price depending on how elaborate you would like it. A multiple character print with a full background, delivered as an 11x14 print would run in the range of $250. The best way to give you a quote is for you to describe what you would like and we can work from there. These prices are for the artwork only and do not include further print rights, however if you are interested in using my work in a print basis, please send me the details of your proposal. I may also be willing to adjust prices based on whether or not you will allow further use of your commission (such as the sale of prints). Unless requested otherwise, I will display completed commissions on my website.

The more detail that you can provide when emailing me about a commission, the better. For instance, if you like the style that one of my pictures is done in and want yours done in a similar manner, be sure to mention the title of the picture. The following, for instance, is a good example of a description I can work with to create a new piece of art. It is of one of my rpg characters from several years ago.

Juliet DuCharme
Her appearance is literally breathtaking, to males for more obvious reasons, to females usually because the amount of jealous speculation that follows her is enough to make the voice weaken. She possesses flawless skin the color of cold, white marble, lacking even a hint of lively blush, from face to smooth, slim, proud column of throat, to hands aristocrats would kill for - fingers long and artistic. Bluish-purple veins can be seen just beneath the surface, but add instead of detract from her perfect pallor. She is small, delicate, barely reaching 160 centimeters in height though her bearing makes her seem taller. Her body is sleek, athletic, almost feline at times; a woman's, but just barely out of adolescence and at the peak of its beauty. As for her face... nose, neither overly small nor large, lips, perhaps a trifle pouty, rarely smiling -- she is a statue carved by a master's delicate hand -- a babyfaced Venus with an air of innocence. Ice blonde ringlets, arranged in the style of the late eighteenth century tumbling far down her back and hanging softly in front of her ears, dust her forehead with a light fringe of wispy bangs. Her eyes complete the picture, miracles of color, fierce and mysterious at the same time, their glacial blue depths sparking chill fire to those she would turn away, kindling compassion to those she would befriend...

Her jewelry is fairly simple, and elegant. A wide band choker of ornate black lace circles her neck, in the front what looks like a genuine antique brooch of silver and black onyx, hand carved and delicately made some long-ago day for a forgotten Victorian Lady. At her ears dangle little bulbs of black onyx beads, suspended from silver crescent moons.

A counter to her pale skin, Juliet's dress is. The bodice is tight from chest to stomach, laced severely up the back and fastened in the front with an uncountable row of tiny carved ebony buttons. It is the color of dampened flame, somewhere between crimson and russet, and soot black embroidery runs all over it in patterns of leaves and vines and fantastic flowers. It leaves her ivory shoulders bared, sleeves just barely bands that encircle her arms. So perfectly fitted, it is, that it is a wonder she can breath at all... The skirt flows from underneath the bodice like water from a stream, shimmering in blacks and flames at the same time, as if it changes color with each movement. It is simple, despite that, and covers to the tips of her toes, completely hiding small slippers.

I appreciate any extra information or details you care to give about your characters or the piece you want. The more satisfied you are, the happier I am.

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This form is meant as a quick price guide for a single image, digitally colored. For larger, multi-picture projects, sketch only or hand colored commissions, email me.

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