1) I have a form that you will fill out to gather details and descriptions of your character(s). It includes space at the end for uploading up to 10 reference images.

2) I look it over to make sure it conforms to the type of commission you've purchased and that I don't have any questions right away. If you're looking for something outside of the parameters of a listed commission (such as adding color to a one view commission, or your character is a complicated mech) we can work together to create a custom listing that better reflects the price.

3) I send at least one work in progress/sketch stage update. Generally this will be at a fairly simple stage, such as the character only in silhouette with no body detail. Since most people's characters are wearing some type of clothing, it's not very important to draw muscle definition when it'll be covered over, but it is important to say, "Yeah, my character looks about that height, weight, and her wings are just right." etc. I'll generally also have a question or two at this stage after having worked with the description a bit.

4) I send the "finished" drawing update. If there are any little tweaks that need to be made, this is when that will happen.

5) After approval of the finished piece (and antiquing if requested), you get either a high resolution digital print or a physical print depending on the options purchased.

Because of the extended time that custom commissions require (generally 8+ weeks), please contact me directly at to discuss the particulars of your piece and to get a price quote.
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