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"Then, we're going to retire somewhere warm and tropical and live off the royalties from the vids..."

If Shepard won't be granted a proper hero's death, then I'll give her a long, happy life.

The title is from Vienna Teng's "Eric's Song". It's one I listened to quite a bit while painting this piece, and, since I'm working on both a Shepard/Tali (85% complete) (edit 4/20/2012 - now finished) and a Shepard/Liara painting (10% complete), I can't help but connect the lyrics to all three relationships.

As far as Garrus's appearance - yes, I've seen the ubiquitous nude turian concept art piece. I've got the art books, though, and quarians had half a dozen facial concept sketches - none of which turned out to be what they went for. No nude (or even shirtless) turian ever appeared in the games, so I mostly worked from my own concept piece done two years ago (to the day).
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