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"...maybe even find out what a turian-human baby looks like."

Well, this didn't happen automagically. I'm just assuming Shepard wasn't aware of all the options while busy saving the entire galaxy... again.

And an explanation for the gratuitous amounts of Mass Effect babies appearing all over deviantart... Nearly all of the ME3 reaction comics I've seen have a female in them, despite the statistics I've been able to dig up placing us as only in the high thirties to low forties percent of the gamer market. I don't doubt that nearly all of these (fill in the blank Mass Effect character) with baby pictures are drawn by women (myself included). Clearly the emotionally devastating ending of ME3 is part of a subtle, insidious, and incredibly long term plot by Bioware and EA to bump up the population of the next generation of gamers. Indoctrination, I say. *adjusts tin foil hat*
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