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Midwinter Celebration - Making Of Video Full CG - Sketch to Finished Color
Link: "Midwinter Celebration" Making Of Video

This video compresses almost 70 hours of work into 36 minutes, giving a behind the scenes look from rough sketch all the way to finished, full color illustration. Made using Adobe Photoshop only.

Antiquing Tutorial - Alyci Antiquing - From Pencil Drawing to Aged Artifact
Link: Alyci - Antiqued Dungeons and Dragons Character Model Sheet

If you're looking to give your pencil drawing a rich, "found buried at the bottom of a treasure chest in a dusty, disused attic" look, this will take you through it step-by-step.

Pencil Artwork Preparation for Digital Color Tutorial Basic Pencil Prep Step-by-Step
Link: Preparing Pencil Art for Digital Color Tutorial - "Sweetie"

This short tutorial will take you step-by-step from a scanned pencil drawing to a file ready for digital color with no inking required.

CG Tutorial - Janet Digital Coloring Step-by-Step
Link: Digital Painting From A Pencil Drawing Tutorial - "Janet"

This tutorial guides you through the steps of taking a finished pencil or inked drawing to a full color CG painting. This is made using Photoshop 5.5, so for those of you using earlier or later versions, your shortcuts and methods might need to be adapted. You'll need basic familiarity with Photoshop's layout and tools, but for the most part anything beyond beginner level is explained.

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